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My name Mr. Sap from North Lombok Senaru village, the main purpose of managing this business is to make mountain rinjani become cleaner through reforestation program by plant trees in the Rinjani mountain area.

Everybody talks about waste in the mountains but nobody talks about proper solutions, cleaning up Mount Rinjani every once in a while does not help. The main thing is management, waste management. Rinjani Eco Tour has lodged a plan with the government that calls for tougher penalties against litterbugs at Rinjani and the surrounding areas

We are therefore committed as respect and our love for the rinjani mountain faithfully maintain the cleanliness and preservation of Mount Rinjani National Park.

As the trek organizer we have trained all our guides and porters to preserve Mount Rinjani and obligatory to our Guide, porter and guests who climb to Rinjani to bring back all the garbage that is caused by the activities of climbing it and they are should give an advice to all hiker on rinjani to do the same thing.

And the most important thing in any of our ascent obligate each trekker to bring a seed of tree was prepared that will be plant in the Mt Rinjani area so that in can grow, in this way we hope every year Mount Rinjani National Park more trees and will be green then more people participation do the planting tree on Rinjani.

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